Nonprofit Prophets

Resources for Investigating Problems/Research

Major References

Catalogs for Selecting Topics, Researching and "Networking"
"Action Without Borders"

Internet Nonprofit Center
"Information on more nonprofits than any other site in the world!"

An independent federal government agency that conducts foreign assistance and humanitarian aid to advance the political and economic interests of the United States.

Philanthropy Journal
(formerly the Meta-Index for Non-Profit Organizations)

Earth Island
A wide range of environmental/wild life topics.

America's Charities Membership List
Get ideas about the kinds of nonprofits with whom you might work. It gives descriptions and contact infomation which could be helpful.

Projects around the world in which volunteers can participate. These can range from "Children and AIDS" to "Tracking Timber Wolves"

Sample Lesson Plans
AskERIC Lesson Plans:
Searchable database for teacher-created lesson plans on many subjects. A sampling is provided below for each catagory.

Resources by General Category

Comprehensive portal for ecology and conservation news and features.

Renewable Energy Policy Project
Information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable technology information and connections.

Greenpeace International WWW
Cconceived in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada, with the purpose of creating a green and peaceful world.

EnviroLink Network
Comprehensive "environmental" site with projects and links to others.

SurfRider Foundation USA
Posts "Hot Topics" and links relating to water and beach conservation and club events and happenings.

Sample Lesson Plans
Recycling Paper:
A hands-on activity by Christy Hornung, Dodge City Public Schools, Dodge City, Kansas.
Designing an Ecologically Sound City:
A group activity, by Dianne S. Vance; Park City Middle School, Utah, designed to make students aware of the issues involved in creating sustainable cities.

Trees and Animals

Rainforest Action Network
Excellent, graphical interface with a complete analysis of the topic.

Forest Conservation Portal
Over 1,500 forest/biodiversity conservation articles as well as many ways to get involved in forest protection campaigns worldwide.

A Student Guide To Tropical Forest Conservation
by J.Louise Mastrantonio and John K. Francis

Sempervirens Fund
Nonprofit land conservancy working to protect redwood forest lands in the Santa Cruz Mountains and to make that land available for public enjoyment.

The Animal Rights FAQ
Answers Frequently Asked Questions about animal rights

Animal Rights Resource Site
"This community serves as a clearinghouse for information on the Internet related to animal rights and welfare. "

Sample Lesson Plans

Forest in a Jar:
Hands-on activity, created by Cindy Cook, Ririe Elementary, in which students create a forest in a jar and learn first hand about the process of succession.

Forests and Lumbering Around the World:
A research and role-play activity in which students experience the complexities and opinions involved in forest management and lumbering. (Published in School Library Media Activities Monthly.)

Lettuce be Different:
A group activity/lab created by Glenda Lazenby, Casady School, in which students examine their own and the natural world's similarities and diversity.

Global Conflict/Politics

Global March Against Child Labour
News, features, photos and more.

Amnesty International Online
The Famous "Watch" organization that alerts global citizens of human rights violations wherever thye occur in the world.

Human Rights Watch
"Defending Human Rights Worldwide"

United Nations Child Development Fund

ISN - International Relations and Security Network
Links to current world affairs

Sample Lesson Plans

The Bill of Rights is for Us Today:
A group activity, by Jacque Peterson, Lehi Junior High School, in which students explore the United States Bill of Rights.

Civil Rights - Casualties During Wartime:
An activity, created by Linda Hugle, Hidden Valley High School, in which students explore the limitations to civil rights that have occurred at times of war.

Family Issues

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Resources.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child
Internationally recognized human rights for children

"Facts for Families"
Information sheets from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Organizes "grassroots challenge to unwarranted corporate influence for years to come."

Family Health Guide
From the Harvard Medical School

Web of Addications
Fact Sheets on all drugs and addictions

Sample Lesson Plans

Substance Abuse Influences
A role-play activity, created by Donna B. Furtado, Richfield Elementary, in which students experience some of the peer pressures involved in taking drugs.

Family Sculpture
A role-play activity in which students take on the survival roles of children in a dysfunctional family. This activity was created by Michael Fitzgerald, Drug Education Consultant Nevada Department of Education.

Homelessness, Hunger and Poverty

Homelessness Information
From the U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development

Collects information on world hunger

How is poverty measured in the United States?
Information on income, wealth & poverty. Further articles available from the Institute for Research on Poverty

Official U.S. Census Information related to poverty
Sample Lesson Plans
Spaceship Earth
A group process in which students brainstorm issues that are problems in the world. Shared by Mark A. Williams, Kennedy Middle School.


Professional world disaster page. "VITA has been active in international development work for 35 years, and has managed development projects throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America in its history."

The American Red Cross
This complete Web site is updated daily and features reports on the latest disasters.

The Living Almanac of Disasters
View all, fires and transportation disasters throughout histrory by date

Yahoo's Directory opf Natural Disasters
Extensive and frequently updated

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
look for fact sheets on natural disasters or diseases

Information on many infectious diseases.

Sample Lesson Plans
Flooding and Other Disasters
This activity could be easily and beneficially adapted to use the internet news and magazine resources instead of print periodicals. (Published in School Library Media Activities Monthly.)

News Sources available on the Internet

Google News
Compiled and ranked by world interest

CNN Interactive
Detailed stories constantly updated

Time Magazine
Latest issue and archives

Yahoo! Directory Newspapers
Includes columnists, K-12, tabloids, etc.

USA Today
The popular daily on the Web

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