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Building a World Wide Web Page

Technology Task
The Webmaster will be responsible for formatting all the other students' articles, images, digital videos, etc. into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in order to create the World Wide Web pages.

Technology Requirements

Basic Text Editor if students will program in HTML (free "lite" versions are available for both): or Word Processors that have extensions to HTML converters/editors: and the Web browser:
Internet Resources/Examples
Nonprofit Prophets Web Page Template
this is a very dated shell of a Web site, but it might give you some ideas.

A great resource for all Web design needs
Scripts and articles for Web designers
Links to major sityes related to aspects of Web development

Tutorials for Web Developers
From the Web Developer's Virtual Library

Boogie Jack's Web Depot
HTML Tutorials

Producing Video Conferences

Technology Task
The Video Conference Producer will be responsible for scheduling, prepping, and facilitating video conferences. The producer will also be the resident expert on using the video system.

Technology Requirements

A Video Conferencing Systems or something like:

NetMeeting Homepage
How-To Guide for Microsoft NetMeeting
Downloads for NetMeeting


Internet Resources/Examples

Video Conferencing in the Classroom
a Resource page from Jodi Reed's Videoconferencing Web site

Videoconferencing Resource Links
from the Knowledge Network Explorer

SBC's Videoconferencing Directory
Supports finding partners and learning from them

Videoconferencing Adventures
Catalogs Videoconference providers (might be online experts)

Steps in organizing a video conference
From New Links to New Learning

Top Ten Characteristics of Videoconferencing that Support Constructivist Learning
By Katherine L. Hayden, Ed.D.

Creating Web Graphics

Technology Task
The Computer Graphic Artist will be responsible for finding/customizing/creating all the images that will be used on the Web page. Especially "head" images and logos.
Technology Requirements
  • Computers powerful enough to run graphics programs
  • Software: SuperPaint, Canvas, Photoshop, HyperStudio
  • GIF converter software

Internet Resources/Examples

WebMonkey's Design Graphics Page
Extensive resources!
GrafX Design
Scroll down to "Current Photoshop Tutorials"'s Photoshop Tutorials
for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert users
WebReference's Links
Tutorials for Creating Web Graphics

Web Site Design

Technology Task
The Web Designer will be responsible for the "look-and-feel" of the Web site. This includes working with the other team members to choose 2 - 4 main colors to be used, develop a menu system to navigate the Web site and create a template or shell page for the Webmaster and Graphic Artist to use to in building the site.

Technology Requirements

A basic Text Editor or HTML Editor or word processor (see Webmaster above)
Internet Resources/Examples

Ten Top Sites Compared

Sampling Web Design
A Subject Sampler by

"Top Ten Mistakes" in Web site design
Revisited Three Years Later by Jacob Nielsen

A World Wide Web Publisher's Style Guide
from Yale University

Site Elements
Menus and Subsites
Editorial Style

Developing Digital Photographic Images

Technology Task
The Digital Photographer will be responsible for finding/photographing and preparing all the images that will be used on the Web page. Especially any location shots or pictorial series or virtual tours.

Technology Requirements

  • Computer
  • Flatbed scanner and camera or digital camera
  • Photographic editing or scanning software

Internet Resources/Examples

A Short Course in Using your Digital Camera
from Short Courses Publishing Company

Camera Guides for Beginners: Understanding Video Capture
from CCTV Camera World

One Pager Digital Photography Tutorials
from Photoxels

Photo Essays
an extensive archive from Time Magazine

Straw Bale Construction
Photo Gallery

Life Magazine
classic pictures from this significant journal

Facilitating Communication Flow

Technology Task
The Telecommunications Expert will be responsible for maintaining correspondence, checking newsgroups, and e-mailing partners and potential colleagues.

Possible Technology Requirements

  • e-mail software
  • e-mail account
  • access to a FAX could be useful
  • SMS / Text Messaging
  • Chat (IRC) software
  • Subscription to a discussion list on your topic
  • Access to an online discussion board
  • ICQ / Messenger / NetMeeting accounts

Internet Resources/Examples

Searchable directory of E-Mail and discussion groups

Youth in Action
Powerful communication and action tools (caution: may contain cyber vandalism)

Web-Based Unified Messaging
One example of how you can use your computer as a fax machine

WebSMS Text Messaging
See what Domicilium has to offer - sites like this can help you get the word out quickly to your team

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