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Question: What are the main issues / controversies about your topic?

"About Rainforests?"
provided by the Rainforest Action Network.

AIDS: Peril in Africa
- Overview to a comprehensive report by CNN

This is an extended overview/introduction to your topic. As such, several students could work together to create this.

Causes of the Problem

Question: What are the factors contributing to the problem you'd like to solve?

"One Family's Path to Homelessness"
This section provides insight on how quickly "normal" people can become homeless.

The Hole Story
Ozone Depletion Research by Sharon Beder

Fact or Fiction?

Question: What are the realities and/or the stereotypes about your topic?

Ending Child Labor
from the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC)

HOMELESS: Myths, Realities and Remedies
by Morris Sullivan at Impactpress

7 Major Myths and Facts About Women Asylum Seekers
From Asylum Aid


Question: What are specific examples of people or places affected by your topic?

Several possibilities exist here:

Describe the lives of some real people
People whose careers are involved with the issue you're studying.

Michael Moore: Too much Moore is barely enough
About the "blue-collar redneck millionaire who has become the scourge of America's right."

A CLEAR AND PRESENT CRISIS: A Profile of Homelessness and Near-Homelessness in Marin County in 1999
The group's mission is to create a seamless, comprehensive system of housing and supportive services that assists homeless and low-income families and individuals to gain financial and social self-reliance.


Question: What is a similar problem to the one you're studying?

"The Feminist-Vegetarian Connection"
An anonymously published article links mistreatment of animals and women.

Meat is Murder
the lyrics of Morrissey's (The Smiths) song and a critique by self-publisher John Levon.

Holocaust Imagery and Animal Rights
from Anti-Defamation League / People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Quick Fix or Sustainable Cuisine: Toward an Ecology of Eating
by Charles Margulis, Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Campaign

Future Impact

Question: What is a current action/trend/event and the likely future outcomes if it is not addressed now?

The Emerging Water Crisis and Its Implications for Global Food Security
The threat to water resources stands as one of the major crises facing the planet, says Robert Svadlenka.

AIDS Leaves Africa's Economic Future in Doubt
An analysis from CNN


Question: What is a possible solution to your problem? Would it work in the real world?

"Ecotourism and Sustainable Development of the Maya Rain Forest in Central America"
The International Ecotourism Society, by Jerome F. Agrusa and Julie Guidry

"Don't Buy Animals - Adopt Them"
Things kids can do to help from the Compassionate Action Institute.

Sustaining the Future
"Green cuisine"

Call to Action

Question: What is a specific, local problem related to your topic? Create one possible way people could be called into action to make a change for the better.

"Kids Taking Action"
Action Alerts By the Rainforest Action Network, shows many good examples.

Seven Steps for Kids to Take
From the Rainforest Action Network

Questionnaire / Statistics

Question: What are the numbers related to your topic? Summarize or draw conclusions from the statistics you find.

Quick Facts
on AIDS from CNN

"Rates of Rainforest Loss"
The numbers behind the destruction of the rainforests are presented in ways that people can relate to.


Question: What do people need to know after exploring your team's Web site? Create a quiz from the template that tests what they have learned.

You'll need to ask the right questions and provide answers and suggestions when users get questions wrong.

The Child Labour Quiz
from UNICEF's Voices of Youth

Take a Poverty Quiz
from ACCION International

You can use the QuizStar
A site to create an online quiz and then have it posted.

Slogans & BumperSticker Sayings

Question: What short statements or famous quotations capture the heart of the issue?

Society & Modern Times
From the Quote Garden

Top 10 Slogans of the Century
From (might give you ideas for a public awareness campaign slogan)

Sayings on the Human Race
From Quotes 4 All

Book Review

Question: What is your analysis on an important book related to your topic?

"New Book Examines Globalization's Impact On Agriculture and the Rural Poor"
Policy in review by Future Harvest.

Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet
A brief review from World Hunger Year.

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Overview / Introduction | Causes of the Problem | Fact or Fiction | Profiles | Comparison

Future Impact | Solutions | Call to Action | Questionnaire | Quiz | Book Reviews | Editing Handouts

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