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If you know what you're doing, go right to Your True View otherwise read through the links below, then get started.

The purpose of Your True View is to allow you to explore the work of "unknown artists" and decide what you think. The advantage to this kind of activity is that you can look with fresh eyes because the world hasn't already decided that these works are masterpieces and belong in museums. Your True View has been saved for the end of Eyes on Art because it requires the greatest skill. You can read a more complete description of the ideas behind this activity if you like.

If you are new to this activity, please read the instructions. They give you an idea of several ways you can complete this activity. You're ready to do this activity if you've worked your way through the earlier ones. The reason for this is that you can make the most informed opinions and and you're sophisticated enough not to be embarrassed or embarressing if you confront an unusual, shocking or slightly offensive work of art.

Respecting Artists' Rights
The artworks for this activity are from across the Internet. In almost all cases, the artists and galleries don't want you to do anything with the images. The way the activity is set up, you never download an image, but access it from the Web. If you want to download an image, look for the email link on the page or the site and ask permission.

First Posted December 1995.
Last revised February, 2014
By Tom March, tom at ozline dot com