ArtSpeak 101

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There are two parts to ArtSpeak 101. If you know what you're doing, go right to the first part: The Visual Glossary. Oherwise read through the links below, then get started. If you've already completed the Visual Glossary, you can go straight to the main ArtSpeak 101 activity.

The purpose of ArtSpeak 101 is to have some fun with the language of art. By exploring and describing the elements of design used in a key work or art, you will begin to make these words your own. You can read a more complete description of the ideas behind this activity if you like.

If you are new to ArtSpeak 101, it makes sense to read the instructions. They give you an idea of how to approach the activity.

Respecting Artists' Rights
The artworks for this activity are used with permission and according to the polices of the organizations concerned. Please read and abide by the © Copyright Agreements. The images for The Visual Glossary come from The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - and those in ArtSpeak 101 are fromThe Museum of Modern Art. Please explore what else these terrific sites have to offer.

First Posted December 1995.
Last revised February, 2014
By Tom March, tom at ozline dot com