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Sometimes you want to figure out what made something happen.

You would be right to think that a Cause & Effect essay is similar to a Persuasive essay because they both argue for your opinion or interpretation. What makes this essay different is the narrower focus on looking into the causes (what made/makes something happen) and the effects (the thing that happens). Smart people use this strategy all the time in their work to forecast weather events, anticipate how citizens will cast their votes, or predict how a patient will respond to treatment.

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Brainstorm a list of all the main events, actions, or relationships related to your topic. Number the three most important points on your brainstorm as 1, 2 and 3. It might help to think of these as a "chain-of-events" where 1 is the first and 3 the last or as a mixture of influences where 1 is important, but 3 is most important. Enter the 3 most important influences or actions below.

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